Our Vision

Finding jobs for robots and robots for hire – humanwise.

Our Mission

RPA is a relatively new concept of enhancing business performance by specific automation of processes. The automation is designed to replace the human workforce in performing repeatable tasks – faster and better. The RPA solutions operate as an end-user, therefore, they are implemented in the highest layer of IT architecture. For this reason, they are perfectly indistinguishable from human employees by the productive apps’ environment.

We apply the same idea to the process of finding and contracting RPA vendors by businesses who want to benefit from the RPA implementation. We aim to build the marketplace in the form of purchasing a platform to connect RPA vendors with companies in the way HR platforms connect employees and employers and help recruiters do their job.


Robots looking for the job

Are you an RPA vendor?

Do you have a robot waiting to be hired?

Do you offer alternative solutions to enhance business performance by increasing the efficiency of processes?

Let customers find your product and learn what you offer.


Jobs waiting for robots

Do you want to hire a robot?

Are you looking for an economical way to enhance your business performance?

Do you suffer from processes with many repeatable tasks, which consume your human workforce?

Check who can help you and find robots ready to onboard.


Meet Querco

Querco was born from the passion and the idea to challenge the status quo in Robotic Process Automation. We deeply dislike the idea of an anonymous, soulless, narrow-minded robotic piece of software. It resembles scripts written on the top of legacy back-office systems too much, only to patch painful breaches in spaghetti architecture. The digital superglue to fix systemic malfunctions. We dreamed about something much more purposeful, ambitious and funny.

Querco can be cloned and implemented on several workstations or mobile devices, meaning the various “clones” of Querco can be allocated to different tasks. In that case, they would benefit from a group knowledge base and learning interactions which naturally shortens the training time and enhances the flexibility of a robot. Additionally, we have embedded a chat-bot capacity into Querco’s core skillset which has made the robot available for customer service jobs.

Our robot meets standards of RPA solutions and goes beyond. It is much more agile, user-friendly, operating system agnostic and… it has a name.